Agrovantage Crop Management Systems

Agrovantage Crop Management Systems

Consult with Conklin® Crop Management Experts for Increased Yields on Your Farm.

Click here to see a summary of 20 years’ worth of test plot results for AgroVantage products.

AgroVantage® has become one of the most advanced and proven crop management systems available. That’s why the number of Certified Crop Advisors and progressive producers who recommend and use the AgroVantage System continues to grow. Developed through more than two decades of field trials and national research, the AgroVantage System will boost the genetic potential of your crops, increase yields and maximize your return on investment. The AgroVantage System is profitable and beneficial because of:

  • In-depth soil testing. This helps you identify your soil’s limiting factors and recommends nutrients toAgrovantage live help call to order positively impact your yields.
  • Quality, proven products that maximize the potential of your soil and seed genetics. With AgroVantage, you never spend your input dollars on nutrients your plants won’t use.
  • Ongoing technical and practical training. Discover a completely different way of feeding your plants.

As we continue to add growers who use our AgroVantage system, along with more National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) national and state yield champions, we are establishing ourselves as the crop management system of choice for today’s top producers. That’s why you owe it to yourself to check out Conklin’s AgroVantage System.

4 Responses to Agrovantage Crop Management Systems

  1. makaba says:

    how do i get your products.

    • brittonbrownenterprises says:

      Dear Makaba,

      You can call us directly at 816.785.3664 or you can go directly to our website at and use the menu on the left hand side of the page to scroll down and review any product you might need. The purchasing process is done on the Conklin secure server so you can trust your information is protected. Feel free to contact me directly any time and I or my wife would be happy to assist you through the entire process.

  2. Emery Chupp says:

    What is the average yield increase on corn and also beans?

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